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I still wonder "who I am”, however, while this question is resolved throughout my life, I tell you: my name is Angela, since I was a child my friends and family tell me “Angie” and that is how I would like everyone to know me.

I am a Social Communicator and Journalist by profession, for more than 11 years I have worked in the corporate world, learning to know how the organizational culture of companies is built, discovering how through good management it is possible to mitigate the impact of changes in the people who star in the stories of an office and teaching, from technical subjects to soft skills.


I am also a citizen of the world, passionate traveler, observant and curious to understand human existence. Thanks to the critical moments of my life, I became a yogini, seeker and explorer of the discipline of Yoga, a field in which I found a way to heal my mind, body and the most subtle of my layers: my Being.


Some describe me as a cheerful, smiling, sweet and sensitive person; I would also add that I am a tidy, sociable Scorpio, careful of others and willing to help whenever possible.


Heey Angie, is to share from my own experience, a wide and deep way to provide mental and emotional well-being to everyone who needs it, through the practice of Yoga, the accompaniment in Ayurveda therapies (the science of life) and practical and inspiring tricks to incorporate healthy habits into our lives.


Behind my intention, there is a call to delve into ourselves and approach, with love and care, that treasure that we have stored in our hearts. My motivation is that we can all walk lightly through life, with a stable smile despite the ups and downs we go through, empower ourselves to live better!

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